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Aether Worldwide is a US-European consulting company

Our primary focus is on 3 levels: Cost reduction, Sales structuring with accountability, Managed growth implementation.

Goal is simple - to provide the path for your company to generate more income at lower costs, greater efficiency

level 1:

cut your cost without any disturbance

Increase profit on existing customers

cost analysis and savings

Digital outsourcing and creative services

Perhaps you have an Ad Agency but you need to reduce your costs on long term projects. Maybe your company produces significant Marketing for your various locations across the US - would it make more sense to outsource your whole DTP department? Our digital production studio in Europe can plug in immediately.

Logistics and shipping

Using technology and collected data, Aether Worldwide will decipher and track all the actual fees charged on every parcel you ship. You will save money without changing your shipping process and your shipping company. Additionally having other companies as benchmark, Aether Worldwide can assist in negotiating with your current shipping company - possible savings - up to 30%.

Print procurement and consulting

Develop on site process improvements, negotiate pricing concessions, coach your internal team. If you look strategically - Aether Worldwide will assist you effectively with trans-continental print outsourcing for delivery in the US or Europe.

Custom tailored solutions

Every industry and every company has specific needs with opportunities to efficiently cut costs. Unless you are already 100% satisfied, we should have a conversation.

Level 2:

boost your sales team

Train, Manage, focus on the best in class, provide them constant leads flow

Sales boost

Are you 100% satisfied with effectiveness of your sales team? Tried few things and nothing really works? You integrate 100+K CRM thinking that it will significantly help your sales team and you are disappointed? Settling for mediocrity because you are too busy or just do not know how to fix?

It is all about the people. People sell, not software. Typically 20% of your sales team delivers 80% of the income for your company. Aether Worldwide training methodology provides the training, support and tools for you to manage your team effectively with accountability.

With our proven methodology, Aether Worldwide can provide guidance to set up your hiring processes to minimize the costly mistakes of bad hires.

We offer fully customized lead generation for your sales team so they can focus on closing not chasing new deals.

level 3:

look further, evolve, validate ideas faster

Always be one step ahead of your competition


Startup Scouting

Did you know that you could buy breakthrough technology for just few $M? For example - you have medical company... there might be somewhere there team of 5 brilliant people who invented software that predicts Alzheimer 10 years earlier. We know those types of companies. Possibilities are endless.

In Europe there are startups that you could acquire in early stage, before you miss out on a once in a life time opportunity. Aether Worldwide has a very broad network in fast developing countries where you can achieve the highest ROI regarding technology. With Aether Worldwide you can reach them before your competitors.

Whenever you are looking for technology that you could integrate into your existing products or just make a spin off - Aether Worldwide offers our scouting services from "planning board" through scouting, due diligence and international legal guidance. Complete guidance from concept to closure.

MVP, Agile, Lean management

Is your company too slow to adapt to changes? New services take ages to appear within your company culture? If yes, Aether Worldwide can help you integrate startup methodologies within your organization. Change the mentality of your employees from R&D through our trainings so you can be more agile and react faster to the constantly evolving environment. Stay relevant.

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